What We Offer

 Birthday Parties 

Organize your private party for 2 hours with the best hospitality from our staff. We are able to include 15 kids and 20 adults for our price which also includes water for the kids and the party set up. For every extra hour or any extra kid and adult you need to let us know prior the party. Outside Food is not allowed, except the cake, you can bring your own cake.

Art Classes

We offer Art and Clay Classes every week with a highly educated teacher.  They start every Tuesday from 3:30pm till 5pm Central. Every kid in our playground is special, that is why we decided to bring classes closer to the playground so that they can enjoy playing and learning new stuff. For more information call this number:  630-523-1101                                


For every event or holiday, Kids Art & Cafe and it's amazing staff are ready to bring you the holiday spirit. Starting with craving pumpkins or a picture with Santa Claus or Valentine's Days specials. We take pride into preparing for every holiday in the best way possible. 


We work with a decoration company that give us a discount for kids art & cafe client. The decoration includes: baloon arch, your kid's personalized place and napkins and your kid's name.

Open play is available

Open play is available 7 days a week. Monday through Wednesday from 9am until 7:30pm. Thursday through Sunday from 9am until 8:30pm. Sometimes we have private parties on the weekends and we would love it if you could call ahead. Our prices start from $14 per child and the adults don’t have to pay. You don’t need any reservation, the only thing that is required is for kids and adults to have socks on. No outside foods or drinks are allowed.

About us

Coffee and Ice Cream Shop with Indoor Playground, Birthday Parties and Art Classes, Kids Art & Cafe is the best place for you and your kid. Here is where you can let your children be free, enjoy their time playing with friends while you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice meal. You can rent the playground for any party necessary where your kid would feel very special with all the toys and great care from our awesome staff. We pride ourselves into making our clients feel relaxed and enjoying every minute while they are inside our playground. What better way to spend your day than to have an amazing and relaxing day for you and awesome energetic and playful time for your children.

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What People Have To Say

Lily B


Very good place for kids. The price isn’t bad. Kids over can stay unlimited time for $12 and after 6.30pm it’s $7 an hour (for the last hour).

Alexandra Childs


Great restaurant for working dads/moms. There is an enclosed gate so you can let your child play while working as well (bring your laptop) with the cafes free Wi-Fi. The music is relaxing and the coffee & food is delicious. Staff are very accommodating and polite.

Tetiana Chekan


My son loves this place. Very friendly staff, clean and a great menu. We were there a few weeks ago and today and love it. What a hidden gem! Will come back soon.

Chic Studio


I took my 2 yrs old son to kids art and caffe for the first time 2 days ago and he Loved it and I loved it. This place was very clean and safe for my kid. Also, there was a sitting area where i did order a coffee and I was able to see my kid as he was playing. I would recommend going here will have his birthday party here as well!

Chris Anderson


"I am really satisfied with this application. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Application was the best investment I ever made. Application is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. With that being said I will use this app until I retire."

Carly Zimmerman


So much fun! My 18 month old loved it here! Great price. Safe and fun play for little ones on a rainy day. Great relaxing food area for parents if they don’t feel like playing. Everyone is so friendly, too. We will deff be back! Remember to wear socks!